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What are the Different Types of TMT Bars


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TMT Bars are extensively used in different kinds of civil construction projects like for building, beams, slabs, columns and also other kinds of structures. Being the centre strength of every construction they need to endure a wide range of enormous loads. They should also withstand any natural calamities like earthquakes and storms. Therefore picking the right TMT Bar for your undertaking is vital. Contingent upon the size, strength aspects and highlights various undertakings might call for various sorts of TMT Bars.

Types of TMT Bars and their Uses: 

There are mainly 4 Types of TMT Bars which fall under different graded namely, Fe415, Fe500, Fe550 & Fe600. Beneath we make sense of exhaustively where these specific kinds of bars are utilized and their purposes.

Fe415 Grade:

Fe415 TMT is being used for construction projects, because of its characteristics like cost-effectiveness and ductility. Ideal for little burden developments as it tends to be handily bowed into the most complicated shapes.


Fe415 is utilized for building up private homes, houses and limited scope structures.

In light of the uniform lengthening property, these kinds of bars can be utilized where the region is inclined to earth tremors.

Fe 500 grade:

Fe500 level is for the most part viewed as a market standard across numerous development projects. Varieties in Fe500 are Fe 500D and Fe 500S, which are likewise famous decisions which offer more prominent seismic dependability and malleability.


Fe 500 bars can be utilized across a scope of private, business and multi-story projects.

They offer more prominent rigidity and more prominent pliability than Fe 415 which are uncommonly produced to give solidness to tall structure projects while opposing burden better.

These bars are utilized in the space where there is high seismic action and unexpected burdens.

Fe 550 grade:

As a result of the more noteworthy rigidity, Fe 550 grade bars can be utilized across a scope of huge scope projects.


These are utilized for creating modern and huge configuration foundation projects like ladies, modern ventures and designs requiring high burden-bearing limits

- These bars are particularly effective in seaside, marine and underground conditions too.

Fe 600 grade:

Fe 600 is one of the most grounded TMT grades utilized for growing hardcore framework projects, spans, marine offices, and so forth. They offer more prominent elasticity, diminish in general utilization, and guarantee lesser steel blockage inside the support.


Fe 600 are utilized in the development of turnpikes, metro projects, plants, towers, business properties, and modern zones.

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